Cody Rhodes Believes He Will Only Wrestle for Another 3 Years

Cody Rhodes AEW
Cody Rhodes AEW

Cody Rhodes, the American Nightmare and former two-time TNT champion, recently went on Busted Open Radio to talk about everything pro-wrestling, including how the American Nightmare only sees himself fighting for another three years. Rhodes also discusses his crowd reaction, referring to some wrestling markets as “home” games and others as “away” games, similar to how pro-sports refer to home and away games.

The highlights are listed below.

Says he only believes he’ll be wrestling for 3 more years:

“You don’t wanna drop an absolute on anybody but I don’t have a lot left in my career. I don’t have another 10 years. It’s probably three more years full-time wrestling and I wanna get every accolade I can get my hands on. I wanna be the best ‘me’ I ever was as a pro wrestler and the way I’m gonna do it is as me. If we try really hard to rope me into babyface, rope me into heel, I think we’re gonna miss this wonderful moment. Like you said, Indianapolis was a total home game.”

On wrestling in different markets and looking at them as “home” or “away” games:

“That’s what Arn Anderson says, it’s either gonna be a home or an away game. I know walking into certain markets it’s gonna be an away game. Very likely, New York City, that’s an away game. Walking to Atlanta, Georgia, that’s a home game. Indianapolis was a home game, Miami was a home game. That’s the greatest energy and the greatest gift the fans could give me is to keep doing what they’re doing.”

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