Chris Jericho The Highlight Reel With Randy Orton

Randy Orton

Chris Jericho The Highlight Reel With Randy Orton

Jericho repeatedly calls for everyone to be quiet. Jericho says this is the biggest Highlight Reel in history because his guest is returning to WWE after being gone for more than 9 months with a shoulder injury. Jericho mentions the SummerSlam match against Brock Lesnar and introduces his guest, Randy Orton. Orton’s music hits and out he comes to a big pop.

Orton says he’s been soaking up the time with his wife and kids but he just noticed while walking out that something was missing – it was this, the crowd, the fans. Orton says DC has him in such a good mood that he doesn’t mind sharing the ring with “this guy” on the night of his return. Fans chant “RKO” and Jericho mocks them. Jericho says Orton is welcome because being in the ring with him puts Orton on a higher level. Orton says he’s in a good mood but that might change and Jericho might provoke him to drop his ass. Jericho wonders if it will be outta nowhere and says Orton better watch it or get hit by a Codebreaker outta nowhere. Jericho says a lot has changed since Orton went down with an injury. Jericho catches him up on the brand extension. Jericho takes shots and Orton says he almost got this confused with the Ellen DeGeneres Show, because of Jericho’s haircut. Fans chant “Ellen” and Jericho tells them to shut up. Jericho puts over Brock Lesnar and says he’s coming for Orton. Jericho plays a video making Lesnar look like a beast.

They trade promos after Jericho wonders if Orton is scared of Lesnar and if he’s been avoiding Lesnar for 15 years. Orton knows Lesnar is going to beat up on him at SummerSlam and try to take him to Suplex City but he’s just one RKO away from Viperland. Orton says, “No enhancement needed” in a reference to Lesnar’s failed drug tests related to UFC 200. Jericho believes Orton will pay for that comment. Jericho goes on and Orton teases for a RKO but doesn’t go through with it. Orton comes right back with the RKO and leaves Jericho laying. His music hits and Orton hits the turnbuckles to pose for fans.

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