Chris Jericho Talks About WWE Survivor Series, Team Authority vs Team Cena, More

Chris Jericho

– As seen above, Chris Jericho is featured in this week’s sitdown interview with Michael Cole. Below are some highlights:

* Jericho said he was invited on the current WWE European tour and loves coming back to the UK.

* Jericho talked about Fozzy’s next tour that kicks off on November 20th in Flint, Michigan. Jericho said they have been touring mostly in the United States but will be back in the UK in March.

* Cole asked about how Jericho is marketing his book through social media. Jericho says he’s been involved with the internet for years and realizes how important social media is. He talked about how you get instant feedback from fans on social media now.

* Jericho says Team Cena vs. Team Authority at Survivor Series is huge because everything is on the line, it’s all or nothing. Cole asked for a prediction and Jericho dodged it and said you would expect him to want Team Cena to win. Jericho said he knows what he has coming with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon but doesn’t know what is coming if Team Cena wins. Jericho doesn’t want Cena controlling WWE. While he hopes The Authority doesn’t get out of control, he doesn’t want them to lose power.

* Jericho ended the interview by telling Cole he’s as sexy as always.

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