Chris Jericho Says The Finish Of US Title Match At Battleground Was Botched


The United States Championship has changed hands several times in the last few weeks and the multiple title changes have been the subject of many rumors as of late.

It all started when AJ Styles beat Kevin Owens for the US title at a WWE Live Event from Madison Square Garden, though at that point everything looked fine.

The controversy began when Owens defeated Styles at the Battleground PPV and won the Championship back in the title rematch whose finish was noted to be very obscure.

The belt changed hands once again two nights later on SmackDown when AJ won triple threat match against Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, who had returned to WWE for one night.

Due to this back and forth with the title and the controversial finish of the Battleground match, many wondered if Kevin was really supposed to win at the PPV or they botched the finish.

During his recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Jericho cleared the air about the whole situation and he revealed that Owens was not scheduled to win the title at the PPV confirming that they screwed up the ending of their match:

“The idea was for me to work with AJ on Tuesday, and do nothing with Kevin. And then the match happened on the Sunday and they legitimately screwed it up, it happens sometimes – the finish didn’t work… whatever happened.”

Later Chris Jericho also noted that they changed the scheduled match between him and AJ Styles at SmackDown into a triple threat involving Kevin Owens so they could put the title back on the former WWE Champion.

Thankfully despite the botch, everything played out well in the end and due to the botch, we got to see a great Triple Threat match at SmackDown which otherwise was not in plans.

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