Chris Jericho Gives His Take On How Batista v Triple H Came Together

Chris Jericho Signs With All Elite Wrestling

It is no secret that Batista had been lobbying for another match against Triple H at Wrestlemania for several years. On his “Talk is Jericho” podcast, Y2J insinuated that the only reason Batista finally got his match is because of a picture that they took that Jericho shared to his Instagram. According to Jericho, the picture implied that AEW was interested in Batista, and that’s what led to the WWE bringing him in for a big spot at Wrestlemania 35:

He [Batista] was lobbying for it, and they were giving him the runaround. And then I went and hung out with him, and I posted the picture of us together online on Instagram. They called him back in 10 minutes! No joke! Funny stuff, right?

On Who He Thinks Will Win:

That’s the world we’re living, but Big Dave, he’s back. I’m excited that he’s back. The only reason why we know he’s [Triple H] not gonna lose is because the fact that it’s Triple H’s career on the line. I think Batista is back for one and done before he goes and makes $10 million for Guardians of the Galaxy 4. I’m going with Triple H.

You can check out the podcast below:

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