Bully Ray Remembers His First Meeting With Vince McMahon When He First Joined WWE

Bully Ray The Broken Skull Sessions Stone Cold Steve Austin

Bully Ray appears as a guest on the most recent episode of The Broken Skull Sessions, presented by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

During an appearance on the famous WWE Network on Peacock programme, the former member of The Dudley Boyz discussed his first encounter with Vince McMahon and WWE, as well as how they were shot down when they suggested being old school heels.

On one of his and D-Von’s interactions with Vince McMahon in WWE:

“[We are given] an appointment with Jim Ross. We had no idea it was with Jim Ross and Vince [McMahon]. There we are, just JR and Vince, in JR’s office. We’re discussing and going over a lot of things. ‘Can we talk about the push?’ I remember asking Vince. Because you used to talk about your push back then. ‘Bubba, there is no such thing as the push,’ he added. There is, nevertheless, opportunity.’ That was a great learning experience for me in terms of how WWE [was going to work].”

When they told McMahon that they were old school heels, McMahon shot them down:

“With me and D-Von being these heels, I remember telling him, “Vince, I just wanted to let you know something.” D-Von and I are old school heels; we don’t sign autographs or pose for photos. He began to chuckle, and he placed his hand on my knee, as my father would, and said, ‘Bubba, not only will you sign autographs, but you’ll also take pictures.’ Boom. ‘Yes, sir, we’ll take pictures and sign autographs,’ we answered.”

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