Booker T on TNA’s Failure To Compete With WWE

Booker T. discussed why TNA failed to become a competitor for the WWE on an episode of his Hall of Fame Podcast. What he had to say was as follows:

It was on its way to being a well-known number two, but the problem is that it never reached to the point where we actually got to watch real battle. We were on the verge of seeing it at one point. That was before I even went to TNA, so I’m not saying it was because of me or anything like that. Those men were doing an excellent job. This is different, I thought, but they had lost their focus. Then AEW came along and pretty much blew them out of the water. I never imagined another conflict like the one we’re witnessing right now – at least not in my lifetime. But it simply goes to show that everything is possible if we just hang in there.

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