Big E Comments on The New Day Turning Heel

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Big E recently took part in an interview with entertainment website, the Wrap, and spoke about New Day potentially turning heel. During the interview, Big E admits he thought that’s where the team was headed not long ago.

Big E Interview Highlights

On New Day Turning Heel:

“After we dropped the titles to Sheamus and Cesaro about a year ago, I really thought that’s where we were headed,”  stated Big E. “I think there was a lot of feeling that we were stale, and we kind of felt that way as well.”

“We were getting a smattering of boos — sometimes more than a smattering,”

On New Day Turning Heel in the Future:

“I really don’t know if being heel is gonna be in the cards anytime soon,” E said. “I feel like we have a lot left to offer in terms of different varieties or different incarnations of The New Day”

He did leave the door open for a potential heel run, however, adding “You never know in 6 months how people are gonna feel,”.

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