Batista Says AEW Is Not Legitimate Competition To WWE

Batista SmackDown 1000

The recently retired Batista doesn’t think AEW will provide legitimate competition to WWE. He recently sat down with Chris Van Vliet to promote his upcoming Stuber film and also spoke about AEW, his retirement, and match with Triple H at WrestleMania.

In terms of AEW providing competition for WWE, Batista doesn’t see them as a legitimate concern for WWE.

“I don’t see it as legitimate competition,” Batista said. “I see it as competition, which is great, there should always be competition but until they actually produce one of their own major stars, until they have a production that is as big as WWE. I mean WWE already has the next three generations of superstars because they have NXT camps all over the world now, they’re so far ahead of the game that I don’t see any real competition. Not even close.”

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Batista also said during the interview that he would rather go broke than wrestle another match.

“This is a real wrestling retirement. I am done,” Batista stressed. “My in-ring career is over. I would love to go back on the show because I love the company and I believe in the product so I would go back and go on the show.”

Batista stressed that he will not have another wrestling match but would go back to WWE for a Hall of Fame induction.

“If they ask me to go in the Hall of Fame I will. But I will not have another wrestling match. I will go broke before I have another wrestling match and I will not go and work for another promotion.”

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