Batista Reveals He Tried To Talk Undertaker Out Of Goldberg Match

Batista SmackDown 1000

Before the now infamous main event took place at Super ShowDown, Batista tried to jokingly talk Undertaker out of his match against Goldberg.

In an interview with Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, Batista discussed his match against Triple H at WrestleMania 35, and while on the topic, he also talked about the recent match between the two legends that took place in Saudi Arabia.

Batista said that he hasn’t watched the entire match but only seen a few clips and didn’t want to comment on it. But The Animal did reveal that he called Undertaker on the day of the show and asked the Deadman if there is any way to talk him out of the match.

Batista reveals that as soon as Taker heard this, he started laughing and said that the offer sounded good to him initially but now he has to do it since he is obligated.

Undertaker vs. Goldberg

The entire internet was in a debate on whether the Undertaker and Goldberg should retire after their performance at Super ShowDown.

At the match, Goldberg rammed into the second turnbuckle during a spear spot and took a nasty shot to the head. Goldberg later revealed that he had actually knocked himself out when he hit the ring post, and continued because he thought he could finish the match.

“Knocked myself out and thought I could finish…. love my fans…..but let u down. Everyone else that found “pleasure” ….. hope ur happy”

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