AEW Double or Nothing 2022 Results

AEW Double or Nothing 2022 Results

Is MJF here? Isn’t he? What’s going to happen! Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and Jim Ross are on commentary so let’s get to the action!

Match #1. MJF vs. Wardlow

MJF’s music hits and he takes his time coming out, but he’s here! Wardlow is handcuffed, he’s got no music, and it doesn’t even matter. Crowd is ELECTRIC for this one. The bell is rung and MJF immediately takes a powder. Wardlow has enough of the games and pulls MJF in by the hair. Wardlow has MJF up for the powerbomb but MJF bites him on the head to get out, then follows up with an eye poke. Hurricanrana by MJF but Wardlow is out at two. MJF comes up limp and feigns a knee injury as he pulls the Dynamite Diamond Ring out of his trunks… right in front of the referee and Wardlow! The referee takes ring and MJF’s knee is magically fine. MJF tells Wardlow he’ll quadruple his pay and they shake on it, but Wardlow holds on and it’s time for the Powerbomb Symphony! One. Two. Three. Four. Five. That’s it as Wardlow puts his boot on his chest, but pulls it off at two! Six powerbombs. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Andddddd it is all over.

Winner: Wardlow

MJF is loaded onto the gurney after the match and strapped in as the entire arena chants for Wardlow. Tony Schiavone is here, and we get the signing, WARDLOW IS #ALLELITE!

Match #2. The Young Bucks vs. The Hardy Boys

The Young Bucks are dressed as Elvis’ here and we’re joined by Caprice Coleman on commentary… awesome! Matt Hardy and Matt Jackson start, who I will call MH and MJ for this match. Dropkick by MJ to start. Both men trade leg sweeps as MJ tells MH he’s faster, younger, and better than him. Tags to Jeff and Nick as Nick evades a double back elbow by slowly trotting away. A second attempt lands with a fist and elbow drop combo. The fans start chanting for Brandon Cutler and Nick Jackson gets mad and pushes him. Tag to both Matts as MH hits a vertical suplex. Nick Jackson is in as the Hardys hit a double gordbuster on Nick on top of MH. Matt and Jeff go old school in the corner but MJ ducks and Nick hits an enziguiri in mid air. MH looks for a Razor’s Edge on MJ but Nick hits a super kick! MJ runs Jeff head first into the turnbuckle and hit a double team fist drop/senton. Nick is the legal man now as Jeff hits a double clothesline on both Bucks. Nick looks for the tag to MH but Landon pulls him off the apron. Nick looks for Whisper in the Wind but Jeff ducks and hits a Whisper in the Wind of his own. MH gets the tag and cleans house. Side effect by MH on Nick gets a two count. Nick tosses MH to the ropes and MJ low bridges him. Soccer kick from Nick to MH on the outside. Face buster from Nick to Jeff Hardy, who then superkicks Jeff Hardy off the apron onto his brother. Nick with a somersault senton to the outside as he takes out everyone. Shining Wizard by Nick to MH on the inside. Risky Business by the Bucks to MH gets a two count. Nick with a rising knee strike in the corner misses MH and nails his own brother! A superkick by Nick misses Jeff Hardy and takes out Landon! Side effect by MH on MJ on the apron. NOW the Hardys hit Poetry in Motion on MJ. Jeff Hardy’s swanton attempt to Matt Jackson misses, but Nick Jackson hits a swanton on Jeff Hardy! Two count! BTE Trigger gets reverses but the Bucks rebound with a double superkick to Jeff and then one to MH. MH tells his brother to get out of the ring in an attempt to save him, but it’s superkick party time! The Bucks deliver about 10 in succession to both Hardys. Can the referee count to 10 here while all four guys are in the ring? Come on, man. Double superkick to both men. Landon is moving the steel steps on the outside. MH grabs MJ from behind and hits a Razor’s Edge in the ring. Matt is placed on the steel steps and Jeff Hardy hits a swanton bomb on the steps! Twist of Fate to Nick! Another one! Jeff Hardy goes up for the swanton and hits it! One, two, three!

Winner: The Hardys

The Ass Boys and The Acclaimed are drunk in Vegas and Daddy Ass found them all passed out in their hotel room. This was hilarious.

Match #3. AEW TBS Title: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Anna Jay

This is a really tough spot for this match. Jade catches a cross body block and hits a fall away slam on Jay. Clothesline by Jade. Jade goes up to the top (what?) and hits a double axe handle Randy Savage style. Jade goes up top. Then gets off the top rope. Jumping back elbow by Jade in the corner. Jade goes up top again, but Jay catches her and hits a superplex as both women are down. Jay lands a back heel kick and a diving blockbuster (maybe?) off the top rope. Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet grab Jay off the apron but Jay hits a double DDT on the outside. Jay rolls back in the ring and Jade catches her with an attempt at Jaded, but Jay rolls through for a close two. Smart Mark Sterling is here (with neck brace) and throws a crutch in the ring. Anna Jay grabs the crutch and hits a Russian Leg Sweep, crutch assisted, for a two count. Johnny Hungee is here and he takes the neck brace off of Mark Sterling and hits a brainbuster on the floor! Jade hits the Eye of the Storm on Jay for a two count. Jade looks for Jaded but Jay gets free and gets her hooks in and locks in the Queenslayer, but Jade climbs to her feet. Jade goes up to the top rope as Jay follows, but we’ve got someone walking down the ramp.. it’s Stokely Hathaway! BIG STOKE! Jade takes advantage of the situation and hits the Jaded off the top rope for the three count!

Winner: Jade Cargill

Jade and the Baddies attack Anna Jay post-match, but Kris Statlander is here to make the save! The crowd is going nuts for Statlander and we have some unfamiliar music.. it’s Athena FKA Ember Moon! Stokely gets in the middle of it as Jade and the Baddies retreat.

Match #4. House of Black vs. Death Triangle

Crowd is READY as Black and Fenix start here. This will be fast, and I will do my best. Fenix back flips out of a German suplex and hits a hurricanrana! Fenix hits the rope and rebounds with a spinning heel kick that Black was waiting on, as he attempts the Blackout and both men miss. Matthews is in and eats a superkick by Fenix. Quick tag to Penta who gets dumped to the outside by Matthews. ZERO MIEDO by Matthews followed a kick combo. Penta hits a combo of his own and ends with a super kick. Hurricanrana by Penta as Matthews hits the outside. Stalemate. ZERO MIEDO. Pac and King are now legal. Monstrous chops by King as Pac goes up top but King boots him to the outside. King about to dive to the outside but the entire Death Triangle meets him in the center as the House of Black back up King! This is breaking down! Big boot by Black and a huge lariat by King to Pac. Sling blade of the middle rope by Penta to Black. Metoera by Matthews to Penta. Pump kick to Matthews to Pac, but Pac rebounds with a Poison Rana and a King Kong lariat! Whew. I’m tired. King and Pac are legal as King hits a huge Bossman Slam! Hard chop by King and a tag to Black. Roundhouse kick to the stomach and a tag to King. Shoulder tackle by King and a senton by Matthews gets a two count. Big splash in the corner by King who misses a running cannonball and Pac is crawling to his corner. Tag to Fenix! Chops to Black and Matthews as Fenix has Matthews powerbomb Black! Double superkicks by Penta and Fenix to Matthews. Tope con hilo by the Lucha Brothers to King and Black. Triple team splash/moonsault by Death Triangle gets a long two on King. Fenix with a step-up dropkick to King. Tope suicida by Fenix that Matthews catches, brainbuster on the floor! Penta with a double jump splash to Pac! Moonsault by Black to the outside and a dive by King that catches mostly ring apron. Dante’s Inferno by House of Black bets a two count! Triple pump kicks by Death Triangle to House of Black as the Lucha Brothers are super kicking everyone. Triple kick to Brody. Pac and Black are left. Sheer drop brainbuster by Pac to Black! Matthews breaks up the count! Penta with a running step-up Canadian Destroyer off of Fenix back to Matthews on the apron! HOLY S! Penta has King draped from the apron to the outside, Fenix comes off the top rope, assisted stomp DDT! Malakai Black challenges the entire Death Triangle by himself as he hits the Blackout on Penta and the Blackout on Fenix! Enziguiri by Pac who goes up top! Matthews makes the save but Pac throws him off the rope and hits a springboard 450 OVER Matthews to Black! Pac with a rebound German on Matthews and throws him on King. Pac with a low blow to Malakai while Alex Abrahantes distracts the referee! Pac goes up top… lights go out! Lights come back on, Julia Hart is here and she mists Pac! Blackout by Black gets it done!

Winners: The House of Black

Match #5. Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Final: Samoa Joe vs. Adam Cole

Mike Chioda is refereeing this one, awesome! Crowd chants “Owen!” Cole is decked out in Hart Family pink for this one. Joe beats on Cole in the corner with some body shots as the crowd chants along. Strong chops by Joe to start. Running elbow in the corner followed by the Joe version of the Pele kick to Cole. Joe dumps Cole to the outside, but Cole catches him rushing in with a superkick. Cole then runs Joe shoulder first into the ring post. The *injured* shoulder from Satnam Singh, by the way. Joe tries to return strikes but Cole focusing on the arm exposing a weakness. Shoulder lock by Cole as JR discusses how much Owen Hart means to him on commentary in a very nice moment. Cole up top looking for the Panama Sunrise, but Joe catches him and hits a double knee breaker. Cole rushes in to Joe in the corner but Joe catches him with a high angle STO. Joe then delivers jabs with his good hand. Manhattan drop, high boot, and big senton by a Joe get a two count! Big powerslam by Joe gets another two count. Joe looks for a powerbomb but the injured arm puts a stop to that. Back stabber by Adam Cole gets a two! Cole has a Crippler Crossface locked in but Joe gets to the rope. Joe blocks a superkick and lands a BIG powerbomb with a stack for a two count! Cole kicks out but Joe transitions him over into an STF! Joe traps both of Cole’s wrists like a Ring of Saturn and Cole can’t get to the rope! Cole barely able to get a toe to the bottom rope. Bobby Fish is here and he drops Joe arm first over the top rope. Cole looks to Lower the Boom from behind but Joe reverses and locks in the rear naked choke. Joe drops the choke to punch Bobby Fish. Three superkicks by Cole. Four, Cole Lowers the Boom from behind and that’s it!

Winner and Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Champion: Adam Cole

Match #6. Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Final: Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. Ruby Soho

Rich Ward of Fozzy is playing Britt Baker to the ring… does that mean we get Rancid? HOLY S IT DOES. This rules so hard. This might sound crazy, but those intros made this match feel even BIGGER than it is. Baker pie faces Ruby to start, and we’ve got a good old fashioned Greco Roman knuckle lock. Baker tries to elbow her way out, but Ruby holds on. Knee to the stomach by Baker and we’ve got what seems like some awkwardness here early. Finally, the women engage, and Ruby hits an arm drag off the top rope that sends Baker to the outside. Shotgun dropkick off the apron to the floor by Ruby followed by a snap suplex. Back in the ring and Ruby goes up top but Baker knocks her off and delivers some awkwardly stiff boots to Ruby’s back. Baker heads to the outside and pulls Ruby’s body around the ring post. Britt with a seated bow and arrow submission but Ruby cradles her for a two count. Rip cord elbow strike by Baker. Baker goes to the middle rope, but Ruby catches her and followers her up and hits a superplex. Both women are exchanging elbows in the center Pump kick by Baker followed by a trio of super kicks. Saito suplex by Ruby as she follows with a senton bomb off the top rope! Two count! Ruby puts Britt up top but Britt hits a gordbuster from the top and hits the curb stomp! Two count! Baker has the glove here and she’s looking for the Lockjaw! Ruby knows it’s coming and gets the cradle for the two count! No Future by Ruby! Sharpshooter by Ruby! Baker crawls to the ropes but Ruby drags her back to the center and resets, but Baker gets there anyway! Crowd thought that was it and so did I. Big knee by Ruby who looks for the victory roll off the top rope but Britt reverses and holds on… one, two, three!

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker DMD

Adam Cole makes his way out as Tony Schiavone is here to welcome Dr. Martha Hart to the stage. The crowd chants “Owen!” and “Thank you, Martha” as Martha gets emotional on stage. Martha thanks everyone involved and tells both winners that the cup is theirs to enjoy for the year, but she will see them next year. Martha then presents them with championship belts that look awesome. Last but not least, Martha presents them both with the Owen Cup.

Match #7. Six-Man Tag: Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, and Paige VanZant vs. Frankie Kazarian, Sammy Guevara, and Tay Conti

Kazarian and Sky start, but Sammy tags himself in. That brings in Ethan Page. Page beats on Sammy and looks for the Ego’s Edge early but Sammy flips out and hits a dropkick. Page back up and hits a gorilla press slam. Sky in and now Kaz gets the tag. Kaz and Sky go blow for blow with Sky landing a dropkick. Kazarian back up with a powerslam and a leg drop. Kaz tags Sammy and Sammy struts, but Kaz wants him to fight. Sky gets the upperhand and tees off on Sammy’s body in the corner. Conti grabs Sky from the outside and Sammy takes control with a clothesline. Sammy hits a double jump cutter then flips off PVZ for no reason other than he’s unlikable. Kaz back in with a front chancery on Sky. Sky gets up as EGO trips up Kaz, allowing Sky to hit a jumping flatliner. Conti runs in and decks PVZ as Sammy and Conti then dance on the outside. I hate this. Sky looks for the TKO on Sky but Kaz counters into the chicken ring. Sammy tags himself in and struts on the outside. Conti is in and here comes PVZ. Conti pie faces PVZ who then lands a power double leg followed by some clotheslines. PVZ with a back suplex and a handspring elbow in the corner. PVZ lifts up Conti in a fireman’s carry but Sammy makes the save. PVZ with a body shot that drops Sammy and a tiltawhirl DDT! PVZ hits a drop toe hold on Conti that lands on Sammy’s yambag. Conti with a few hip tosses and a pump kick, but PVZ gets out at 1. Yikes. Face buster on the knee by Conti but Sammy steps in the ring and hugs and kisses Conti again. Kaz has had enough and he’s out, and I can’t blame him. Sky hits the over the top cutter to Sammy, then Kaz hits the outside in cutter to Sky. Kaz tags himself back in and Sammy goes to super kick Kaz but NAILS Conti! HUGE crowd pop for that. Sammy gets dumped to the outside as Kaz eats a high kick by Page and the TKO from Sky and that’s it.

Winners: Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, and Paige VanZant

Match #8. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Darby Allin

Darby shoots for a leg early and Kyle knees him in the face HARD. Kyle follows up with some palm strikes from knee-on-belly. Thai clinch by Kyle and some knees to the body followed by a spinning back trip kick. Arm ringer early by Kyle as that’s his MO, like a young Ole Anderson. Hammerlock Northern Lights suplex by Kyle gets a two count. Darby hits a running low dropkick followed by a Code Red for a two count. Darby with a diving guillotine choke but he floats over and hits a Scorpion Death Drop. Coffin Splash attempt by Darby but Kyle reverses and hits a kimura trap. Rolling elbow by Kyle and an over the top stunner by Darby! Kyle rolls to the outside and Darby hits a running IHAVENOIDEAWHATTHISIS and he lands HARD. Looked like a brutal botched spot that had Darby land a million miles an hour on his head but he’s fine. Darby with another low dive to the outside but Kyle catches him in a guillotine. Back inside the ring Kyle lands a brain buster! Darby gets out at two but Kyle holds on for a kimura. Kyle transitions to an ankle lock as Kyle straightens it out, but Darby reverses into a Scorpion Death Lock! Kyle gets to the ropes. Kyle to the apron as Darby hits a dragon screw through the ropes. Kyle is draped across the apron and Darby hits a coffin drop to Kyle on the apron! Back in the ring, Darby goes up top for the coffin drop but Kyle catches him in an armbar! Darby rolls up Kyle for two. Face to face in the center of the ring and these two are pounding on each other with elbow. Kawada kicks by Kyle! Darby with a headbutt! Both men are down. HUGE overhand palm strike by Kyle as he chokes Darby with his own chain around his mouth! Rear naked choke followed by a penalty kick! Darby kicks out at one! Another penalty kick, two count! Kyle goes up top, King Kong Knee Drop! Kyle gets the win!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

Match #9. AEW Women’s World Championship: Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Serena Deeb

HARD collar and elbow tie up to start and that has set the tone for the match. Wrist lock by Rosa as Deeb reverses, then Rosa reverses with a bridge. Head scissor by Rosa but Deeb rolls out. Stalemate. Knuckle lock that leads to a series of roll ups and a double arm bar by Deeb. Rosa rolls into a cover and then into a pendulum! “Women’s wrestling” chant by the crowd. Series of back slides here as these two women are going hold for hold and it’s awesome. Rosa drops to her knees and hits an uppercut a la her mentor, Dustin Rhodes. Rosa with a baseball slide to the outside by Deeb gets out of the way and then drops Rosa neck first over the top rope. Neck breaker by Deeb over the middle rope. Fisherman’s swinging neckbreaker by Deeb gets a long two count. Deeb puts Rosa on the top and locks hangman’s neck vice over the top until the referee breaks it up. Back to the center of the ring and we’re trading elbows. Rosa gets the better of it and hits a big lariat. Another one. Slam by Rosa who sends Deeb face first into the middle turnbuckle with an Irish whip. Running clothesline in the corner followed by double knees off the top rope by Rosa. Basement drop kick by Rosa followed by a Northern Light’s suplex for two. Rosa looks for the Fire Thunder Driver but Deeb counters into the flying octopus hold! This move just looks awesome. Deeb counters into a toe hold but Rosa kicks her off. Deeb with a Diamond Dust off the top! Two count. Deebtox countered into a Russian leg sweep followed by a Crippler Crossface. Deeb rolls through for a cradle but Rosa is out at two. Stretch Muffler by Deeb and Rosa rolls through and smashes Deeb’s knees into the mat. Deeb kicks off and both women hit a running clothesline. Rosa is up first and hits a double stomp off the top to Deeb’s back, followed by a Death Valley Driver! One, two, no! Deeb hits the ropes and chops Rosa’s knee. Figure four! Rosa then slaps the heck out of Deeb to escape but Deeb slaps back! Both women roll to the outside and hit the floor hard. Deeb goes inside first and catches Rosa coming in with a dragon screw leg whip through the ropes! Deebtox… NO! Thunder Rosa gets to the ropes. Tequila Sunrise by Deeb but Rosa gets to the ropes. Doctor Bomb by Deeb! Deeb looking for the Texas Cloverleaf! Rosa barely makes it to the ropes. Deeb looking for Deebtox again but Rosa with a pinning combination that gets a two. Rosa misses a pair of running knees in the corner as Deeb goes to the top rope. Rosa follows her up and looks for a superplex and gets it! Rosa rolls through… Fire Thunder Driver! That’ll get it done!

Winner and STILL AEW Women’s Champion: Thunder Rosa

Match #10. Anarchy in the Arena: Jericho Appreciation Society vs. Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, Bryan Danielson, Santana, & Ortiz

Justin Roberts: “Ladies ang gentlemen… shit’s about to hit the fan.” Tremendous. I don’t know if anyone has any idea what this means, but we’re about to find out. JAS runs up to the stands to meet Moxley and crew during their entrance. Wild Thing is playing as the fighting is happening and I’m getting New Jack vibes here. I’ll do my best here but this is nearly impossible. Moxley with a suplex to Menard on the ramp. “Wild Thing” is playing again. Moxley is stabbing Menard in the head with a fork. Moxley then finds Jericho as Santana hits a suplex on Parker on the ramp. Kingston is bleeding. Menard is bleeding. Jericho is wearing sunglasses. Kingston is bleeding a log. There’s a table set up at ringside and Hager is over there with Ortiz. Jericho is in a motorized scooter. Kingston is licking Menard’s blood. Jericho hits Moxley in the face with a toolkit. Santana and Ortiz are in the ring with Jake Hager. Menard is trying to throw Kingston down a flight of stairs. Jericho went over to the soundboard and smashed it and the fans are pissed. Menard and Kingston are going to the concession stands. Moxley hits a double axe handle on Jericho. Kingston and Parker are paired up and that’s the first I’ve seen either one of them. Moxley hit Jericho with a jib camera. Santana and Ortiz put Hager through a table with the Street Sweeper. Menard is covered in mustard. Daniel Garcia hit a piledriver on Ortiz from the apron on to the steps. Danielson is kicking a lot of people. Kingston and Menard have destroyed the t-shirt stand. Parker hits Danielson with a ring bell. Garcia blindsided Kingston in the shirt area. Jericho suplexed Moxley into a row of chairs. Moxley fired a full cooler at Jericho’s head. Garcia low blows Kingston and chokes him with a belt. Jericho put a Walls of Jericho on Moxley on the timekeeper’s table until it collapsed. Tope suicida by Moxley to Jericho and a figure four on the outside. Shining wizard by Garcia to Kingston on the escalator. Yes kicks by Danielson to Hager. Moxley is unscrewing the turnbuckles. Vertical suplex by Hager to Danielson on the ramp. Moxley has successfully dismantled the ring as there are only the middle and bottom ropes left ad he hits Jericho in the yambag with the turnbuckle hook. Danielson fish hooking Hager with the turnbuckle. Kingston and Garcia fighting in an elevator. Santana and Menard are in the crowd near a table. The freight elevator door has closed behind Eddie and Garcia. Chair shot by Jericho to Moxley’s back. Menard and Parker are on tables while Proud and Powerful find the largest ladder in the arena. Moxley pulls out a barbed wire board from under the ring. Hager with an ankle lock on Danielson. Double splash off the ladder through two tables by Proud and Powerful to 2.0. Jericho blasted Moxley in the face with a fire extinguisher. Moxley and Danielson are in the ring with Hager and Jericho. Hammer and Anvil elbows by Moxley and Danielson. Danielson with the Labell Lock and Moxley has Hager in the bulldog choke. EDDIE IS HERE WITH A CAN OF GASOLINE. OH OKAY. Eddie pours gasoline on Danielson and Jericho. Danielson gets in Eddie’s face as they pair off and Jericho lays into everyone with the steel chair. Judas Effect by Jericho on Kingston. Jericho cracks Danielson in the face with the turnbuckle but he gets out at two. Hager and Jericho alone with Danielson in the ring now. Danielson fights out and takes on both men! Danielson kicking both men and chopping down Hager! Psycho Knee to Hager! Psycho Knee to Jericho who’s holding a chair in front of his face! Two count! Yes kicks to Jericho followed by a kick to the head. “Now I’m going to kick his f’ing head in!” – Danielson. Hager takes Floyd to the knee of Danielson! Hager beats down Danielson with the bat as Jericho locks in a single leg crab on the bad knee. Hager then puts the ring rope around Danielson’s neck as he’s being strangled! He goes out!

Winners: The Jericho Appreciation Society

Andrade hates the name AFO. That group was been losers. Andrade has a new business partner. RUSH. WHAT?!!?

Match #11. AEW World Tag Team Titles: Jurassic Express (c) vs. Team Taz vs. Swerve & Keith Lee

Triple threat rules so this will be fast and furious. Starting quick here as Luchasaurus has Starks in a sidewalk slam and Jungle Boy comes off the top with an elbow drop. Swerve takes Starks down with a tieres. Hobbs tags himself in and runs through Swerve. Lee tags himself in and it’s two big meaty men slinging meat, as Big E said. Avalanche by Lee who whips Hobbs into a high knee by Swerve. Jungle Boy in to make the save but Swerve takes exception. Jungle Boy gets the tag and hits a head scissors on Swerve who rolls outside. Jungle Boy then hits two tope suicidas to the outside and tries a flip dive the third time, only to be caught by Keith Lee in midair and powerbombed on his tag team partner twice. Woah. Starks tags himself in now and works over Jungle Boy. Starks goes old school and dances on the top rope… until Jungle Boy crotches him hard. Hobbs in for Starks but Jungle Boy hits an enziguiri but Luchasaurus isn’t there, so Swerve comes in. Flying elbow by Swerve. Another. Another. Hobbs finally hits the deck. Diving European uppercut by Swerve followed by a pump kick to Luchasaurus. Swerve locks hands with Keith Lee and runs up the ropes then MOONSAULTS OFF KEITH LEE TO THE OUTSIDE. Swerve gets caught with the rolling thunder but hits a hurricanrana on Hobbs. Luchasaurus and Hobbs are legal now and the Dino is stacking everyone up in the corner and hitting running splashes on everyone followed by a double clothesline on Team Taz. Chokeslam attempt on Hobbs but Lee tags himself in. All three heavyweights are in the ring as Luchasaurus hits the tail whip on Lee and a double chokeslam attempt but Lee and Hobbs reverse and hit the double chokeslam on Luchasaurus! Lee back body drops Hobbs over the top rope to the outside and follows up with a NO HANDED FLIPPING DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPE. Luchasaurus has Lee on his shoulder and hits the reverse Death Valley Driver for a two count. Lee & Lucha are trading clotheslines. Hobbs off the top rope with a double flipping blockbuster! Starks and Jungle Boy are back in. Jungle Boy tries the spinning DDT but Starks holds on and gets a cradle with his feet on the ropes. Hobbs throws Christian into the stairs and Jungle Boy checks on him but gets a spear by Starks! One, two, no! Slingshot RoShamBo by Starks but Luchasaurus makes the save at two! Push kick to Starks by Luchasaurus. Spienbuster by Hobbs to Luchasaurus. Swerve Stomp to Hobs. Big boot by Luchasaurus aiming for Swerve, hits Jungle Boy! Spirit Bomb double stomp combo by Lee and Swerve (known as Swerve in Their Glory) gets a long two but Hobbs makes the save! Swerve hits Lee with the FTW title! Super kick by Jungle Boy to Swerve! Roll up by Swerve to Jungle Boy gets two! Swerve Stomp misses! Jurassic Express hits the flipping back suplex/sit out powerbomb combo! They get the three!

Winners and STILL AEW World Tag Team Champions: Jurassic Express

Match #12. AEW World Heavyweight Title: Hangman Page (c) vs. CM Punk

Both men are nose to nose and the crowd is 60/40 for Punk. This crowd needs to be applauded as they’re on fire here and it’s like, hour eight of this show. Page strikes first with an elbow and Punk responds with a huge chop. Back and forth they trade overhand chops. Running back elbow by Punk. Page drops Punk with an elbow and stomps on him in the corner, much to the dismay of the crowd. Punk is up and hits a hard Irish whip to Hangman in the corner. Russian leg sweep by Punk with a float over a la the great Brad Armstrong. Body slam by Punk who looks to go up top. Cross body block by Punk but Hangman holds on and hits a fall away slam. Crowd boos Hangman pretty harshly. Double jump lariat to Punk, who was standing on the apron. Cross body block over the top rope by Hangman and he lands HARD on Punk. Page grinds Punk’s face into the steel steps to another chorus of boos. Rolling elbow by Hangman drops Punk! Hangman begging for boos from the crowd and the man’s got crazy eyes out of nowhere. Page whips Punk into the turnbuckle sternum first. Page on the apron teasing the Buckshot but Punk sees it coming from a mile away and knocks Page off. Punk rushes at Page on the outside but Page is ready and hits a pop-up powerbomb on the apron! Page then heading up to the top as Punk rolls in the ring… flying clothesline! Hangman goes back up top but Punk follows him up and hits a superplex as both men are down. Leg lariat by Punk. Rising knee strike and running bulldog by Punk! Punk to the apron… springboard clothesline! Punk looks for the sharpshooter but Page fights out. Spinning neck breaker by Punk gets a two count. Punk looking to go up top but Hangman pushes him off. Page goes up top, Orihara Moonsault! Page rolls Punk back in the ring… Buckshot lariat is blocked by Punk! Sharpshooter! Page is crawling to the ropes but Punk is holding on until the ref gets to the four count. Buckshot by Punk is blocked! GTS by Page is blocked! High kick by Punk from the apron and Punk looks for the Buckshot but lands awkwardly, gets up, then hits the clothesline. Crowd hates that. Two count! Punk looking for the GTS! No! Hangman looking for the GTS! No! Punk looks for the rising knee strike in the corner again but Hangman holds on and hits a Last Ride! One, two, no! Deadeye by Hangman! One, two, no! The fans are booing everyone here, this is crazy. Hangman signals for the GTS. Hangman gets Punk up, but Punk holds the top rope. Punk slithers off, round house kick by Punk! Hangman shrugs it off… GTS by Hangman! One, two, thr- – no! Entire arena is now chanting for CM Punk, who they were unanimously booing roughly thirty seconds ago. Knees by Page. Punches by Punk. Both men are on their knees in the center of the ring. Elbow by Page. Leg kick by Punk to Page’s injured knee. Another. Punk answers with some elbows and hits the ropes but Hangman follows with a big boot. Hangman hits the ropes and Punk follows him with a big boot. Hangman clotheslines Punk and himself over the top rope and then throws Punk into the timekeeper’s table. Page grabs the belt and says Punk will never have it. Hangman rolls Punk in the ring and sets up the Buckshot but Punk catches him for the GTS! Hangman’s leg takes out the referee but Hangman still hits the lariat! Referee is down. Hangman has crazy eyes and he’s eyeing the AEW World Heavyweight Title! Page grabs the belt and Punk covers up, but Page ultimately drops the title. HE’S AN HONEST MAN. Page goes to the apron looking for the Buckshot but Punk counters! GTS! ONE, TWO, THREE!


Punk is emotional and fans are crying here. SUMMER OF PUNK 2022 STARTS NOW! The entire arena is chanting “CM Punk” and Punk has blown the roof off the arena.

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